Please initialize this system...

Welcome to TurnKey! Before we fully expose this instance to a hostile Internet, we need to initialize it. This will setup passwords, install security updates, etc.

To continue you'll need to SSH into the admin account, which will automatically start the turnkey-init initialization program:

After initialization try reloading this page. This message will disappear and you'll be able to access all services on this system normally.

How do I SSH into the admin account?

Using your SSH key-pair: If you've correctly configured an AWS SSH key-pair, you'll be able to log into the admin account without having to enter a password using your SSH client (e.g., Putty on Windows).

Register for bundled support and 1-click cloud backup

Each TurnKey solution on the AWS marketplace is bundled with e-mail support and 1-click cloud backup and migration for no extra-charge.

To benefit, sign up for a free TurnKey Hub account if you don't already have one. We identify your AWS marketplace subscription and eligibility for bundled services by your Amazon account id.

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For further information, please consult the product page and AWS marketplace usage notes on the TurnKey GNU/Linux website.